ACEHTREND.CO, BANDA ACEH: Japan’s main electrical power company, J-Power has expressed it interest to invest in a highly prospect hydropower projects in Aceh.

J-Power’s Project Development Officer, Tsutomu Teraura said Aceh has large hydropower potential resources of 5.000 Megawatts according to some experts estimation.

“The robust electricity demand growth is expected in Sumatra Island, which attracting many companies coming to the province for hydropower projects,” Teraura said during his meeting with Aceh Investment and One Stop Services Agency (DPMPTSP) on Tuesday (10/4).

However many hydropower projects in Aceh are facing environmental issues because of most its projects located inside the national reserve parks.

Head of Aceh DPMPTSP, Iskandar said Aceh intends to effectively develop and manage water resources in the Province with minimizing environmental impact.

“We welcome the interest for J-Power to expand its business in Aceh. Hopefully with the company’s 60 years experience in energy sector, Aceh will have a world-class hydropowers developed with cooperation of Japanese companies,” Iskandar said.

In Indonesia, J-Power has successfully developed Central Java Coal Fired
Power Plant with capacity of 2.000 MW. The company have focused on Aceh Province to develop hydropower projects and identified 36 potential sites in the future.

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